Red Cap

Anger Management Training

Anger is a normal part of life, but many children do not have positive opportunities to practice dealing with anger. Poor coping skills can lead to hurtful conduct such as vandalism, self harming and violence.

Red Cap‘s goal is to have participants come to the point where they will automatically STOP and calm down, as they learn to positively deal with their anger. Each Red Cap lesson centres on one of these areas – Stopping, Thinking, and Problem Solving. Red Cap is for young people identified as having anger issues and for those who could be leaders in bringing anger management skills to their communities. 

Red Cap 2023 

Capacity: Limited Registration, Maximum group of 12 participants, first come first served

Who: Children in Grades 1-5 (one child per family)

When: To Be Announced

Time: 9am-4pm (parents must be present 3-4pm for the Parent and Wrap-Up session)

Where: To Be Announced

Fee: $XX/child (payment must be received in order to confirm registration; Rebecca will reach out to arrange payment; fee includes materials, lunch and snacks)

Questions? Contact Rebecca at [email protected]; 519-660-5884 x105