Amazing Support from London Community and Family Services Volunteer

Dave Rutherford quote
by rebecca
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Salvation Army volunteer Dave Rutherford is as reliable as they come. Known lovingly as ‘Super Dave,’ because he does anything asked of him, the volunteer with London Community and Family Services has been on the job since 2008.

Every year around Christmas, Dave supports The Salvation Army Kettle campaign in London by dropping off and picking up kettles at the start and end of the day, checks in on volunteers, restocks supplies, and checks to make sure TipTap payment machines are working properly.

Dave started volunteering for the Christmas Kettle campaign by staffing a kettle location to collect donations. He then took over the role of checking in on volunteers during the day, a job that allows him to give back to the community in support of vital Salvation Army programs and services.

“The Salvation Army goes places that no one else will go. I say that with conviction and that is why I have stuck with it. What I love about going out there is knowing that people have been helped by The Salvation Army,” Dave says.

“As a senior on a fixed income, this is an opportunity to help. I enjoy it immensely and at the same time I am giving back to the neighbourhood. What you put out is what you get back. If what I do is helping people, then I am not going to quit.”

Dave is a treasured member of the Kettle team in London that brought in more than $583,000 in 2022, exceeding the local $550,000 campaign goal.

“He is an amazing help and support when it comes to the Kettle Campaign; whatever I need, he is there to assist,” says Jodie Yule, Community Relations Coordinator with The Salvation Army London Community and Family Services.