Our program focuses on providing Christmas Assistance to families with children aged 0-12 and seniors 55+ who live in the London, Ontario, Canada area and are facing financial hardship, primarily due to low or fixed income.

 Please do not apply if your total household income is more than the following:

                                    1 person          –           $30,433

                                    2 people          –           $37,040

                                    3 people          –           $46,122

                                    4 people          –           $57,541

                                    5 people          –           $65,522

                                    6 people          –           $72,666

                                    7 or more        –           $79,810

By clicking on the button below, you are verifying that you meet our criteria and your household income (including all people in your household who have income of any kind) is below the amount listed above based on the number of people in your household.